WW: Pizza for One


In addition to making the Cheap Eats Guide this year, we were #1 in Willamette Week’s Ten Best Single-Serve Pizzas in Portland.

“It takes about five minutes and $7 to get Portland’s best single-serving pie from the wood-fired oven at this Southeast Portland cart. Pyro pizzaiolos aren’t afraid to walk the razor’s edge, firing foot-wide pies until the thinnest bubbles turn black and pop, leaving the rest of the crust at ideal crispness. Atop that peerless foundation goes a handful of housemade mozzarella, a mild tomato sauce and an excellent selection of meats, including fennel-flecked sausage and big, thin slices of Otto’s pepperoni that curl up at the edges. Don’t leave without trying the housemade sodas, which include a killer cherry phosphate and a good sarsaparilla. MARTIN CIZMAR.”

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