Our first box art printing of 2018 is by local Portland pop artist and Pyro customer Tim Butler of XIII Design. Tim has been doing illustration and design predominantly for the music and entertainment industry for many years. He says, “I am a new resident of Portland and am deeply grateful to live in such an artistically diverse and vibrant city. I have been particularly inspired by the street and sticker art in Portland. I would love to create a mural, particularly something in the style of the stickers I have been making lately. I feel that street and public art are more important than ever in our society, as they address an audience that might not otherwise see art, an audience that probably needs it the most!”

Our summer 2017 Box Art was drawn for us by local Portland artist (and fan-of-our-pizza) Nicole Andrijauskas. She received her BA in Painting & Textiles from San Francisco State University in 2006, and taught mural painting throughout the public school system there. In 2012, she received her teaching credential to expand on her artistic endeavors with young students. Nicole has exhibited work in numerous Bay Area galleries, Vancouver, Columbus, and Portland.


We launched the Box Art initiative for our 7th birthday in 2016. Tim Eads of Philadelphia was the designer of our first Box Art commission. Tim was one of our initial funders and supporters year ago, and we were thrilled to reproduce one of his original designs on our boxes. He is a textile designer, screen printer and all-around cool artist currently producing handmade bags that can be found in shops all over the country and at www.shopeads.com— check him out!