Portland Craft Soda

Portland Craft Soda has roots back in 2008 with our original pizza cart, Give Pizza a Chance in downtown Portland. I began making small-batch syrups from scratch using real ingredients, seasonal rotating flavors, and unique combinations and dispensing them with a bar gun. Back then if you bought an etched tumbler you could bring it to the cart for free refills indefinitely! Soon after opening Pyro Pizza a full-on soda machine with self-serve taps was added and Pyro’s Handmade Soda was what we’ve called it for the past 7 years. In 2017 the new name was adopted but the sodas are still the same as our beginnings: small-batch syrups crafted with real herbs, roots, seasonal fruits, teas and flowers. New wacky flavors have come and gone, solid crowd-pleasers have emerged, and we’re serving more refreshing, bubbly cupfuls than ever. Our first restaurant affiliate, Aviv, signed on in 2017 and serves several signature flavors as well as custom flavors developed specifically to pair with their menu. To inquire about putting Portland Craft Soda on tap at your favorite restaurant or bar, or hosting our mobile soda counter at your festival or event, email portlandcraftsoda@gmail.com.